Turnarounds and Interim Management

Gavin/Solmonese built its reputation by providing turnaround management and consulting services for middle market companies. The Gavin/Solmonese client portfolio has grown to include regional and syndicated lenders as well as creditors who reach out to Gavin/Solmonese when they need advisors who understand the complexities of managing the distressed company and can lead a distressed business through a successful turnaround and recovery, if it becomes necessary.

Gavin/Solmonese provides the leadership and credibility required to reconcile the client’s objectives, economic reality, and available alternatives to establish an achievable goal.

Gavin/Solmonese provides an assessment and recommendations concerning the viability of the distressed business and the turnaround strategies available. We provide the preliminary action plan for implementing the turnaround strategy, assess financing and organizational resources, and recommend changes as necessary.

Recommended activities may include:

  1. Stabilize cash flow by establishing an effective cash management system.
  2. Negotiate with lenders, banks, trade creditors and taxing authorities.
  3. Prepare a situation analysis report to include the following:
    • Determine if the business can or should survive
    • Identify the turnaround strategy most appropriate for the situation
    • Develop a preliminary action plan for implementing the chosen strategy