Corporate Recovery

Gavin/Solmonese has extensive experience in advising companies and their stakeholders through operational and financial challenges, restructurings, reorganizations, and through strategic optimization.

  • Rapid viability assessments: For a successful turnaround, a company must possess a viable core business(es), adequate organizational resources and skills, adequate financing to bridge the crisis, and a competent turnaround manager.
  • Clear delivery of issues and options: Corporate recovery starts with a plan for executing on the turnaround plan, clear deliverables, a common definition of success of the turnaround effort, and a common understanding of economic reality.
  • Complete evaluation of all options: Clearly defined choices support turnaround, balance sheet restructuring, refinancing of debt, equity capital investment, composition of creditors, out-of-court restructuring, asset sale, liquidation and non-bankruptcy alternatives (including assignment for the benefit of creditors, trust mortgage, and State and Federal Receiverships).