Corporate Recovery

Gavin/Solmonese has extensive experience in advising companies and their stakeholders through operational and financial challenges, restructurings, reorganizations, and through strategic optimization.

  • Rapid Viability Assessment:We get to the core issues faster by determining threats to the viability of the company‚Äôs core business(es); determining adequacy of organizational resources and skills, sufficiency of financing to bridge the crisis, and providing for a competent turnaround manager.
  • Clear Delivery of Issues and Options: We deliver a structure for executing the turnaround plan with clear deliverables, a mutually understood and accepted definition of success of the turnaround effort, and a common understanding of economic reality.
  • Complete Evaluation of All Options: Optionality is survival. Our plans provide those options in a clear, actionable, and understandable format.
  • Requirements for Viability: We provide the guardrails to keep the plan on track including the turnaround strategy, financing needs and plan, and organizational resources.