Creditor and Lender Services

Gavin/Solmonese has a successful track record with asserting creditors’ rights and assessing and maximizing opportunities for recovery, litigation support, and fraud discovery. Gavin/Solmonese helps further creditors’ interests and ensure they get the best possible deal.

  • Engaging Gavin/Solmonese sends a message to the debtor: “We have retained managers, not accountants. If we do not feel that this case is proceeding in a manner that is timely, fair, and equitable, we are ready and able to get involved in a direct fashion.”
  • Gavin/Solmonese understands debtors and their Advisors and can affect change without overstepping the bounds of a creditors’ advisor.
  • Gavin/Solmonese performs due diligence with urgency and fosters credible communications with all parties.
  • Gavin/Solmonese knows what to look for and where to find it.
  • Gavin/Solmonese has successfully found and stopped bankruptcy fraud and bankruptcy crimes.

Overview of Gavin/Solmonese Experience For Creditors

Creditors must ensure that they have an experienced financial advisor to protect and advance their interests while minimizing expenses. Gavin/Solmonese focuses on critical bankruptcy issues and finds creative solutions to maximize the potential for recovery.

Maximum Recovery Approach

  • Manage the business rationalization process and push to maximize value
  • Conduct independent verification of assets and validation of asset and enterprise valuation.
  • Evaluate and determine optimal recovery potential from continued operations
  • Find alternatives to debtor’s restructuring plans that may optimize returns for creditors
  • Provide oversight of claims management process including administrative and unsecured claims
  • Examine all potential sources of value, determine if past events warrant investigation, and evaluate any claims and other potential sources

Creating Avenues for Unsecured Creditor Recoveries

Gavin/Solmonese has been involved in landmark cases that have resulted in settlements benefitting unsecured creditors, even when creditors were initially out of the money in those bankruptcy cases. Gavin/Solmonese professionals are experienced in determining areas and points of leverage, weaknesses in senior and secured claims, and in structuring carveouts for unsecured creditors. Gavin/Solmonese professionals have negotiated, structured, testified in support of, and have served as trustees for numerous “SPM gift” settlements that provide unsecured creditors a recovery when no other options for recovery were available.