Mergers and Acquisitions

There is no substitute for an advisor who has proven leadership experience with M&A value optimization tactics and strategies. Our advisors are experienced industry executives and bankers with a long history of relationships within their various industries, with plan sponsors, funders, and strategic and financial investors. Our outcome-focused professionals provide valuable insight and expertise throughout the transaction lifecycle.

We have proven experience helping buyers and sellers:

  • Develop and formulate M&A strategies
  • Create markets and identify, screen, and initiate discussions with potential buyers
  • Structure and negotiate transactions
  • Raise financing for restructurings
  • Provide correct, accurate, and expert valuations of assets that withstand challenge and litigation

We provide senior-level service and attention on all transactions, large and small. Our professionals bring to every transaction not only their extensive relationships with hundreds of clients, investors, financing sources, and financial buyers, but also the ability to define and expand the potential market for sellers and buyers alike. We come ready to lead, with the ability to value the assets of the company and identify the most-likely and best-suited parties to a transaction.

Separate from our client M&A advisory work and in those cases where smart, flexible capital is required, NHB Capital Partners (NHBCP), Gavin/Solmonese's independent subsidiary, can provide funding at any level of the capital structure. NHBCP's institutional limited partners target investments between $10 million and $30 million with an average holding period of three to five years. Successful transactions are usually, but not always, accompanied by strong management, but the business may be encumbered by an 
over-leveraged balance sheet and/or recession-induced operational challenges. 
 NHBCP is unique in that it can adopt control or non-control positions and will invest anywhere in the capital structure (debt or equity) using virtually any investment instrument. Moving quickly in the most difficult of situations, NHBCP is particularly adept at investing new capital alongside existing lender pools.

In keeping with Gavin/Solmonese’s higher standard of transparency and its commitment to being a client-focused organization, NHB Capital Partners' funding may be offered to existing turnaround or restructuring clients in only those cases where the client desires such financing opportunities and its existing lenders and investors approve. NHBCP capital investment decisions and transactional due diligence processes are completely independent of Gavin/Solmonese’s turnaround, restructuring or M&A advisory business and thus create no conflict with existing lenders or investors, nor with existing or potential M&A clients or deal participants. Gavin/Solmonese’s clients and their lenders are apprised of NHBCP’s availability and its distinct and separate evaluation process upon the commencement of new turnaround and restructuring engagements and have an opt-in/opt-out election that ensures transparency with clients, their lenders and other stakeholders.