Bankruptcy and Fiduciary Services


Gavin/Solmonese offers a broad range of financial advisory services to debtors-in-possession and their stakeholders, creditors and other parties-in-interest, including chief restructuring officers, financial advisors to debtors, lenders, creditors and committees, asset sale and transaction advisors, litigation and dispute consulting and expert witnesses, forensic and investigative work, and valuation services. Gavin/Solmonese is regularly appointed as trustee, assignee, or examiner in court-supervised cases.

  • Having executed numerous successful turnarounds, restructurings, acquisitions and capital market transactions, our experts can address questions of whether turnarounds or sale processes are possible, have been conducted properly, or if the proper value, structure, or result was attained.

  • Our credentialed professionals have practical backgrounds in industry or functional experience in bankruptcy, restructuring, banking, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and capital markets transactions that enhance Gavin/Solmonese's ability to deliver high-quality services.

  • Gavin/Solmonese’s team of experienced and battle-tested professionals with accounting, finance, and operating backgrounds solve the complex issues of their clients. Gavin/Solmonese is regularly engaged to create markets and run asset sale processes under section 363 of the bankruptcy code.

  • Gavin/Solmonese professionals engaged as chief restructuring officers each have experience running companies, meeting payroll, preparing and leading companies through bankruptcy, crafting plans of reorganization or liquidation, and in running asset sales.

  • Gavin/Solmonese is regularly called upon to offer expert testimony as to the sufficiency and effectiveness of an asset sale and marketing process, often involving sales transactions involving insiders or related parties. Gavin/Solmonese offers experienced expert witnesses and can work independently, at the direction of counsel, to serve the needs of clients.
 Our practitioners have testified in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts across the country and have been involved in numerous mediations nationwide.

Fiduciary Services

Gavin/Solmonese understands the needs of creditors and stakeholders when formulating plans of liquidation or reorganization, liquidating trusts, gift trusts, receiverships, trust mortgages, assignments for the benefit of creditors, and other mechanisms for transfer of assets to creditors.

Gavin/Solmonese are expert at the structure of “gift” plans and regularly provide expert testimony regarding valuations, protection of value, fair and equitable treatment, and creditor recovery issues. Gavin/Solmonese professionals have led the way in alternative structures for creditor recoveries in such landmark cases as World Health Alternatives, Avado Brands, NetVersant, and Butler Service International.

Gavin/Solmonmese professionals have served as officers and directors of both public and non-public companies and can speak with authority regarding issues involving boards and the duties of corporate officers.