Public Affairs

There’s no escaping it – the media is the nation’s most powerful source of influence. Companies who recognize how to use the the media and - more importantly - create dialogue with trusted editorial resources — are the organizations that will create more meaningful relationships with the world around them.

But it’s more than just influencing the media. Editors can only tell a story if it actually happens. A powerful public affairs strategy drives organizations to fully and genuinely participate in the world around them, and to create the interest that brings positive commentary on how they do business.

Companies need to fully understand and embrace their surroundings and identify how they can consistently make a positive impact. An effective public affairs strategy will include:

  • Having the best relationship with the people who live near your headquarters and operational facilities – smart organizations know what’s important to the people who live near them and how to interact with them in a manner which leaves them feeling respected
  • Knowing what is important to local decision makers and their influence on national leaders – companies who know how to effectively celebrate their contributions to the world are the ones who will have the attention of leaders who can drive change
  • Leading change that makes their particular industry better and crafting productive, respectful relationships with key competitors. It helps when the world sees that you like to play fair

Gavin/Solmonese drives the strategic thinking that helps organizations to not merely coexist in their environment, but to become a trusted and valued leader. We create the tactical plans that help an organization grow – with the support of the people that live near them, buy from them, and compete with them.