Political Campaigns

With 20 years of experience leading national political platforms, Joe Solmonese and his team help organizations with proven tactics that help a campaign run more effectively and cost efficiently and towards victory.

Candidates often jump in to a campaign driven and energetic, but may be unprepared for all of the elements that need to be addressed from the beginning. Even the most seasoned business CEO is unprepared to be both candidate and CEO of a multi-million dollar political campaign and there’s a reason why candidate-managed campaigns fail. We help people map out the decisions from the platform they choose to embrace and how involved their family should be, to how they communicate their history and what mark they want to make on the world and the legislative landscape.

Our approach is to harness the power of the candidate’s catalyst for election — the reason that they run for office — and demonstrate that to the world around him or her through:

  • Messaging
  • Interpreting polling data
  • Crafting responsive and effective fundraising plans and capabilities
  • Influencing national constituencies including the media
  • Effectively reacting to public criticism

Our political campaign strategies help candidates set off on the right foot, weather the storm of conflict, and present and communicate themselves as the best decision for the voter.