Grassroots Campaigns

Gavin/Solmonese helps guide organizations through the science of empowering local resources. That includes motivating volunteers to support the cause, enthusiastically build momentum and strategically use their energy to achieve the goals of the movement.

We take organizations through each step of driving a grassroots effort that feels genuine and spontaneous but is, in fact, highly strategic and focused on quantitative goals.

From mobilizing letters and email campaigns, past creating social networks to spread a message virally to fundraising and organizing demonstrations, Gavin/Solmonese guides organizations through a systematic approach that:

  • Embraces the cutlure, values, and politics of a community in order to maximize effectiveness
  • Understands human nature and the willingness (or resistance) to respond to grassroots movements or initiatives
  • Follows ethical, legal, and operational best practices
  • Appeals most to influential media thought leaders, mavens, and connectors to garner the most effective press coverage
  • Drives a movement that feels spontaneous and natural to avoid accusations of “astroturfing” or other claims of insincerity

Inspiring local constituents to support your cause is often critical in today’s marketplace. Gavin/Solmonese will take your organization through the critical, proven, tactical steps that ensure timely, measureable results and help you reach strategic goals.