More than ever, diverse groups of consumers are growing even more powerful with their discretionary dollar. To keep pace with the changing consumer landscape, corporations need to effectively recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Diversity in a company’s human capital is not just the right thing to do as a corporate citizen, it is the right thing to do if your focus is on growth.

Workforce diversity harnesses the power of different points of view, experiences, and work styles that empower organizations to:

  • Stay at the forefront of innovation by delivering products and ideas that connect with what consumers demand today – and what they will be asking for in the future
  • Consistently recruit the best workforce available by widening the pool of talent and experience
  • Connect more effectively with influencers – the media in particular – by illustrating the success of their diverse talent base and encouraging other organizations to follow suit

It’s not about maintaining quotas. Quotas can be hindering, whereas intentionality in a company’s recruiting and development maximizes the company’s potential. Genuine inclusion requires an organization–wide commitment to diversity that consistently evolves with the changing world around every organization. Gavin/Solmonese helps organizations:

Recruit a Diverse Workforce

Organizations that recruit the best talent offer compensation by way of salary and benefits, an engaging workplace culture and an opportunity for personal growth. Companies that understand what potential employees want from their employers are the ones that will recruit the best, most productive employees. We’ll help companies develop employee incentive packages that make sense with peoples’ lives, and show them that they are valued for who they are.

Retain Diverse Talent

Companies who create and maintain a welcome, equitable, and inclusive environment that inspires people to do their best, be unafraid to take calculated risks, and consistently deliver innovative thinking are the companies that are targeted for growth. We will counsel clients on the human resources and C-level initiatives that make a company open and embracing of all employees.

Companies who embrace diversity are the ones that will create an ongoing relationship with the consumer market, and consistently attract the dollars that these people are willing to spend.