Corporate Philanthropy

When a corporation’s philanthropic strategy connects with their brand strategy, everything comes together. At Gavin/Solmonese, we help organizations discover the connective tissue that makes charitable investments and participation a more relevant communcations initiative and builds critical brand loyalty. We guide organizations through the often misunderstood complications of supporting causes:

  • Matching your company mission to that of a potential non-profit partner
  • Leveraging your giving with the right number of causes, in the right amounts
  • Effectively communicating your relationship with your causes
  • Identifying the branding benefits associated with partnering with non-profit start-ups versus established organizations
  • Understanding the philanthropic strategies of your competitors
  • Determining how past or potential pitfalls experienced by the non-profit partner may harm your company brand
  • Determining where your support fits in with an organization's balance sheet
  • Crafting a philanthropic strategy that supports your overall brand marketing and communications

Done right, corporate philanthropy will reinforce your brand significantly, but it needs to be grounded in your business strategy. With connections to hundreds of the world's most powerful causes and non-profit organizations and a track record of making logical, relevant philantropic connections with corporate America, Gavin/Solmonese will help your company build a philanthropy strategy that gives unlimited power to your overall brand.