Corporate Engagement and Public Affairs

Organizations need to take a long look at themselves and know how they are truly perceived in the marketplace. Companies that see themselves through the eyes of the consumer—rather than internal stakeholders—will be those who find unparalleled success.

Gavin/Solmonese helps organizations concentrate on who’s buying now, and where the emerging markets are—and direct these companies on how they should conduct themselves in order to truly connect with the people who are buying and those that will be buying. That means that everyone in the organization needs to understand that success in the past does not mean success in the future. Evolution—in every corner of an organization—is crucial to growth. Companies who succeed in today’s marketplace evolve with the way that people think today and, more importantly, tomorrow.

…A diverse workforce is what connects a corporation to today’s changing marketplace. Companies committed to diversity consistently attract the people with the greatest spending power…

Joe Solmonese

Corporate Engagement and Public Affairs Services